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Art - Therapy - Development

Individual art therapy and psychotherapy on Lanzarote. Therapy holidays or retreat on the Canary Island - the sun, your creativity, the wind and the sea will help you to find the roots of your suffering and to rediscover your inner centre.



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Here you can find an overview of the other BLOGs in my Network. Each Blog has a different focal point.



The Alter Ego Project - dedicated to David Bowie

Ego meets Alter Ego. Exploring the unknown or hidden parts of your personality and finding your complete identity. Art therapy, psychology and psychotherapy for self-development and integration.

Workshops and online therapy.



Connecting the Worlds through Art

Art project in Bihar, India.

Students and teachers of  Niranjana Public Welfare School in Sujata Village near Bodhgaya, Bihar, India present themselves.

Project documentation.




Positive Psychology - Mindfulness & Creativity / Inspiration & Self-Compassion

Travelling with your Muse.

Quality time for your soul - Staying, painting and meditating in a small group.

Why wait till you are feeling bad?



Quest for Fire - Dancing on the Volcano

Lanzarote is characterized by volcanoes, César Manrique and the sea. Connecting the fire of Lanzarote with the Andalusian awareness of life expressed in Flamenco.

Creative self-experience, therapy offers, expressive painting and dancing, art and culture.



Beautiful Insanity or Insane Beauty - Psychodynamic Approach to Art Therapy

Art and Psyche, Art and Psychology, Art and Therapy. What art can tell us about the psyche of the artists, their unconscious, their biography.

Genius and Beauty - Abyss and Madness..



Men's Affairs / Women's Issues - Art Therapy Approach to Gender Mainstreaming

Social and cultural gender roles. Gender Mainstreaming. How gender roles affect our lives.

Art therapy and self-experience on the topics 'Men's affairs' and 'Women's issues'.



Art and Therapy Holidays - A Break from Daily Life

Intensive therapy, art therapy and psychotherapy on Lanzarote.

Burnout, depression, trauma, pain, life crisis - what makes your soul suffer, what makes your soul heal? Make use of the healing energy of the island to recover and get better.

Retreat and Workshop Program.




Express yourself through Art and Flamenco

Mixture of contents from other BLOGs of my network.







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