Day 1 - Doodling Session

Connecting the Worlds through Art


After lunch:

Doodling Session

The 'map-group' is still very busy, so I make the others start a doodling experiment. First of all, they have to use their wrong hand to draw the other hand. Then they have to close their eyes again und do some doodling on the same paper to create a basic structure. Later they have to fill the fields of the sketch with different patterns and colours.


'Doodling' seems to be very strange for them.

They want to create a nice painting - and doodling doesn't seem to be very nice. I have to show it to them to make them really doodle - but later many students take the rubber to make it nice again :)

Anyway, there are some really nice results from students who manage to let go and to engage in the process...


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