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Day 4

Day 4 - Project Diary

Connecting the Worlds through Art


Students of the 4th class present themselves.

Creativity explosion...

Morning session - Blind Painting:

To make the students FEEL their CREATIVITY, we start again with a short fantasy journey into a forest where they meet the CREATIVITY BEING. The being gives them a magical stone that leads creative power directly into their hands.

From the beginning the students are very concentrated. They really keep their eyes closed and do not try to trick. During this blind painting they are not allowed to use the rubber.

The results are really amazing:

There are arising very beautiful, individual and honest paintings. Every soul painting is different from the others.

In the second part of this morning session they are again allowed to make their paintings nice. Again it’s difficult for the students to stand their individuality – they all want to be perfect, and the more time I give them, the more similar the paintings are getting. Again there is a difference between boys and girls, but the paintings are more individual than the days before.

Of course I adapted my concept to the given circumstances, but we can see:

The younger students seem to be more open to their individuality and can easier connect with their creativity.